Sunayana Jacquard Handloomed Baby Wrap - Orchid

<span>Sunayana Jacquard Handloomed Baby Wrap:</span> Orchid<span>Sunayana Jacquard Handloomed Baby Wrap:</span> Orchid
Sunayana Jacquard Handloomed Baby WrapSunayana Jacquard Handloomed Baby Wrap
Price: $118.00
Retail Price: $130.00 (Save $12.00)

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**Still Available this Month**

The unique serpentine pattern on the Sunayana wraps feature mostly black on one side, and a rich, natural color that is pleasing to the eye on the other. Sunayana Orchid is the Purple/Black version.

These are 100% cotton wraps with a nice diagonal give.

If you've been searching for a moldable, thin wrap that is still supportive enough for older, heavier babies, this is the wrap for you!

These are handloomed and not done by machines. The naturally occurring variations are to be expected and make these wraps special.

Please see my blog post for more info and many photos HERE

This is a NEW Woven Wrap made in the European Style, not a plain-weave. This is an exclusive, handloomed weave that is not available in any other boutiques.

The center is marked with the BabyEtte tag, and the ends have short tapers that create a parallelogram.

These wraps are sewn in the USA by our babywearing family. The textile is handloomed using excellent, community-building practices.

Arrives unwashed and will shrink to the appropriate length.

Pricing is based on the length of your wrap. The Base price is $130 for a 3yd wrap, and goes up depending on the length you choose. Your wrap is 30" wide and comes in the following sizes:

3yd (2.7m)
3.5yd (3.2m)
4yd (3.7m)
4.5yd (4.1m)
5yd (4.6m)
5.5yd (5m)
6yd (5.5m)

These are limited edition wraps, there are a set # of each color and when they're gone, they're gone. (see blog post for more details)

** Each wrap will be numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. As we saw with the Tibet Jacquard, once these are gone, there will be many wrappers ISO these handloomed wraps, and they will be in demand.

Please note: Due to the hand-loomed manufacturing process there may be an occasional long thread, or tied-off thread from the weaver. These are normal, should not be considered flaws, and do not effect the safety or beauty of the wraps. By buying this wrap, you acknowledge and accept this.

If you think that you would not appreciate the unique nature of handloomed wraps, I would suggest getting a machine-manufactured wrap instead. If you later realize that handloomed is just not for you, you may resell a Sunayana on the secondary market (Ebay, FSOT on, etc.).

You can email me at with any questions.

Price starts at $130 for the 3yd wrap, and goes up depending on the length you choose.